Lounge pants and other good things we need right now

Lounge pants and other good things we need right now

I wish right now I could be the type of person who had something truly profound to say. To be knowledgeable enough to speak with insight and wise enough to speak with reason. Amidst an ocean of content, information, graphs and curves there is already so much being said and much of it is not something I want to give more oxygen to. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post “this too shall pass”.  If you like, you can read it here.  Since then, I’ve been struggling to write more so I decided to write about the kind of stuff that I’ve been looking for.  The good news, blue skies and silver linings. Not because my head is in the sand (though given the regrowth situation it probably should be) but because by my very nature, I have always been the optimist, albeit at the moment, a quiet and cautious one.

Even still, I’ve been wondering if the global pandemic has an “unsubscribe” option.

I’ve always believed that everything bad can be good again but since we have enough to deal with, I decided to look for light amongst the shade, so behold, my 20 things that are good right now.

  1. The deserving praise and gratitude being shown to our frontline workers. Teachers, nurses, doctors, cleaners, grocery workers. They are the glue that binds society.

  2. The new series of Bluey. Trust me, you do not need to be a parent to enjoy this imaginative and clever show and the new episodes are glorious.  There are more life lessons than parenting tips. “Sleepytime” is a masterpiece of music and animation and from the “Grannies” episode, the line “I slipped on my beans” is everything we need right now. Watch it on repeat.

  3. That our social media feeds are filled with people sharing how their pets are dealing with all of their humans working from home.

  4. Never has it been more socially acceptable to wear lounge pants when not on the lounge.

  5. Scott Morrison. Regardless of your political beliefs, he is a leader who though visibly weary is undoubtedly hard at work trying to fix this mess. Often just the messenger, with a team of experts working behind the scenes and with no guidebook, a torrent of criticism, people asking him what to do, but then not listening when he tells us what to do.

  6. Also, Jacinda Ardern. Competent. Empathetic. Decisive. Consistent.  She might not be our Leader but that doesn’t mean we can’t look to her and be inspired by the way she is navigating her country through this.  She could write a masterclass in leadership.

  7. Conversations have become more meaningful and less one dimensional. My favourite conversations are those that make me feel connected and make me think. Sharing vulnerabilities and laughter is balm to the soul.

  8. The anti-vaxxers have gone a bit quiet, haven’t they?

  9. Couch Choir. The online version of Pub Choir has gone viral.  They’ve just released their second video where over 6000 people sing Heroes by David Bowie. You’ll need tissues.

  10. The fact that my contribution did not make it on Couch Choir.

  11. MAFS is over. No judgement if you’re a fan (I know plenty) but I could not loathe this show anymore and can’t comprehend that so much that is wrong with society is filmed, edited and produced as entertainment. Watching a MAFS commercial whilst simultaneously self-isolating was making my skin itch.

  12. The weather.  Touchwood.

  13. Uplifting memes for Covid-19. Some people are so witty and Twitter though usually quite snippy is even having some bright moments.  

  14. Chalk messages on driveways. All around the country children (and adults) are brightening the concrete footpaths and driveways of suburban streets with rainbows, hearts and messages of hope.  Coloured chalk is now a commodity but in even better news, despite this, no one is fighting over it in the supermarket aisles.

  15. The Kindness Pandemic. A Facebook group created amid Covid-19.  A crisis can often bring out the best in people and this page is dedicated to the countless random acts of kindness taking place.  Your faith in humanity can be restored, you just have to look and see.

  16. This situation is temporary. It’s not our forever, it won’t always be like this. 

  17. The mute/unmute button on Zoom.  So. Much. Power.

  18. Books.  I just finished ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ which is simply magical. “I wasn’t aware that words could hold so much. I didn’t know a sentence could be so full.”  Today I received my Booktopia delivery and I’m about to start on Julia Baird’s Phosphorescence.

  19. Baking. I’m dreadful mostly but this hasn’t stopped me from turning on the oven and not even I can screw up a Banana Bread.  Also, isn’t Home Economics part of the home-schooling curriculum? (Although it’s probably more science experiment in our kitchen).

  20. Friends and family. Because we don’t have to withstand the weight of this alone.

So, I’ve beared my soul a little in this, but would love to hear back from you.  Share with us what it is that is sustaining you, making you laugh and giving you joy.

Thanks for reading.


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