Our Why

Why we do what we do

Because everyone deserves an opportunity to be able to improve the quality of their life through the work that they do.

Our Mission

To be the first choice in the minds of our Clients for their staffing needs, and in the minds of our Candidates for their employment needs.

To provide exceptional value, and successful outcomes, to our Clients by sourcing and presenting the best people for their Business.

To set an industry leading standard of personalised recruiting services by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our Clients and Candidates each and every day.

To operate each day with the following principles of integrity, loyalty, honesty and trust.

Integrity; n.

honesty; uprightness

Loyalty; n.

being faithful to one’s promises, responsibilities or undertakings

Honesty; n.

  1. quality of being ‘honest’ (adj. honourable in principles, intentions and actions)

  2. truthfulness or sincerity

Trust; n.

  1. reliance on the honesty of a person, or on some other quality; confidence

  2. confident expectation of something; hope

  3. responsibility required of someone whom confidence or authority is placed

  4. state of being relied or depended on


Social Responsibility

“Social responsibility is the responsibility of an organisation for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment, through transparent and ethical behaviour that:

  • Contributes to sustainable development, including the health and the welfare of society

  • Takes into account the expectations of stakeholders

  • Is in compliance with applicable law and consistent with international norms of behaviour, and

  • Is integrated throughout the organisation and practised in its relationships.”

The Community

We recognise the responsibility we have to contribute positively to the welfare of our community and the people within it. So as a result we have several programs and initiatives in place to provide a range of support to selected charities and community Not-for-Profit organisations on an ongoing basis.

Our current programs;

Past programs;

Since 2007 we have supported and donated to a number of causes and organisations including;

For our Staff;

  • All staff are offered additional paid leave days each year to enable them to volunteer at an organisation of their choice

  • We also have an employee program that provides each staff member the opportunity to nominate thei "Charity of Choice' to receive a donation from Pure Source for $1500 each year

  • Work/life options; all Pure Source staff, past and present, know that they have the support of flexibility with their working hours and responsibilities to ensure that as important as work can seem to be sometimes…there are many other things equally, or much more important as well

  • Standing desk options are also available for all of our staff who wish to take it up

For our Clients;

  • A number of our long term Clients are Not-for-Profit organisations and we offer them significantly reduced placement fees and rates

For our Workplace;

  • Recycled waste bins

  • Water saving devices installed

  • The use of recycled printing paper, and a printing policy to eliminate unnecessary printing of documents

  • KeepCup reusable Coffee Cups

  • Energy efficient LED lighting used throughout the office

  • Ceiling insulation

  • Air Conditioning is programmed to switch off after hours

  • Solar Hot Water

  • E-Waste and print toner recycling program

  • Courtyard garden and indoor plants